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Project 1: Follow the Net Zero House in Virginia casa ti blog!

Affordable Green House

casa ti:
An Off Grid rural house
...Done in stages.

Phase 1: Fell in love with and purchased rural land. We are encouraging others to purchase those 50-100ish acre parcels in their own areas that are already on the market: to protect, preserve, and conserve.
Phase 2: Got a solar cooker.
Phase 3: Composting toilet purchased. Three years later, composting toilet removed.
Phase 4: Started a blog. Oh wait, NOW we start to build! ; )
Phase 5: Follow the modern prefab project / off grid lifestyle blog.

A Northeastern Dogtrot Mod

This modern prefab is being built "backwards"- a tiny house (the guest area) constructed first, then the main living areas added later.

"...the little unit is so beautiful with the Iron Grey rainscreen and windows that look in all 4 directions!  I can't wait to "move in" and start spending time in this healthy place.  A fridge, sink, and stove will be installed in the North room, all necessary to receive an occupancy permit."

[Note: Don't forget an ERV or HRV for fresh air exchange in tight, energy efficient homes!]

She mentioned the contractor did not have green materials experience, so this  is one more example of our prefab house kits adding green building skills and knowledge into each community, which makes me very happy.
Follow this SIP prefab house here.

Project 2: Follow The Modern Prefab House in Colorado:
The Colorado
casa ti construction Blog!

Foundation Was Completed.
Affordable Green House

This family selected a rural area on which to place their prefab SIPs house. This area of Colorado has no building codes, but we made sure to engineer the prefab to not only meet International Code Council (ICC), to which our house kits are already designed, but to specifically address their area (which we do as well through a local engineer) despite it not being required.

This SIPs house is no longer an official Green Modern Kits project.

Project: Follow The Northwest R1 Residential!

Coming soon! Permit submitted to planning, look for details on this project in July 2015!

Project: Follow The Dogtrot Mod in Maryland!

Coming soon! Details soon! Project projected start date July 2015.