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Regina McHugh, a Richmond, Virginia Zoning Inspector in Henrico County, Takes Urban Hens From Sustainable Families.

On March 22nd, zoning inspector Regina McHugh of Richmond's Henrico County cited a family who had relocated from Chicago with their hens.

If you are considering hiring Regina McHugh, and your city has a Sustainability Plan in place and cares about water, waste, and resource management, know that Regina McHugh, and Henrico County, take hens from families with children. This family is up for a NATIONAL AWARD for their efforts in sustainability. They, and their neighbors, are distraught.

Our energy efficient companies care about encouraging the best staff for sustainable, livable communities, nation-wide.

As a business person and community volunteer who is passionate about conservation, LEED, and sustainable zoning, I consider Regina McHugh extremely UNsustainable.